The Volcano House Exhibition

Geology Exhibition:
The museum also features an exhibition about Icelandic volcanoes. This includes a mineral collection of lava, pumice, ash and semi-precious stones, along with a wealth of information, informative maps and photographs of volcanoes and volcanology.

The exhibition gives a brief overview of Iceland’s geological history and volcanic systems, and there are superb photographs of volcanic eruptions and other magnificent phenomena of Icelandic nature.

Mineral collection:
The Volcano House offers a “hands on” geology exhibition featuring many different mineral samples and items of interest. What “hands-on” means, is that you can touch most of the samples.

The collection includes different types of volcanic rock and lava, pumice and ash from different volcanoes around the country. You can hold in your hands ash from the famous 2010 Eruption of Eyjafjallajökull, and see for yourself why its fineness would disrupt air travel so much. You can see the gritty, cinder-full ash which buried the town in Vestmannaeyjar’s 1973 eruption. You can pick up some of the freshest lava on earth, from the 2014-15 eruption of Bárðarbunga and hold an incredibly light pumice rock from Mt. Hekla.

The collection also includes semi-precious stones and minerals in various stages of crystallization, from un-crystallized (obsidian) to fully formed volcanic crystals. There are also rare items such as the Iceland Spar, or “sunstone” a clear crystal which the Vikings used for finding the sun on a cloudy day, and pyrite, or “fool’s gold,” amongst many others.