About The Volcano House

The Volcano House is the place for learning about volcanoes. It is dedicated to this purpose and achieves it with an impressive mineral collection and two documentaries about different volcanoes.

The Volcano House was started in the year 2011 in the wake of world-wide coverage of the Eyjafjallajökull eruption, and has fulfilled its role as a major public educator on these amazing phenomena since then.

The Volcano House is situated in the city center, only 5 minutes away from Ingólfstorg, the very center of the downtown area, and Aðalstræti, the oldest street in Reykjavík. In the other direction, only across the road, is Reykjavík’s charming Old Harbour, with a view over fishing boats, whale watching vessels, fishing industry houses and chic seafood restaurants. In amongst these and all around are some of Iceland’s most interesting sights and museums.

The Volcano House is therefore perfect to fit into your Reykjavík sightseeing day, whether it’s on the way to your Whale Watching Tour, as part of your museum day, or just as you’re browsing around the city center. The exhibition is free, and the movie runs every hour from 10am to 9pm, so drop in anytime if you feel like having an hour-long sit-down while learning something about volcanoes.

Why should you visit the volcano house?

  • The Volcano House is fun and educational for people of all ages, and kids are especially welcome. (Free for 0-12)
  • A fantastic place to start your stay in Iceland, so you know what you’re looking at as you travel around. Or at the end of your visit, to make sense of everything you’ve seen.
  • The Volcano House is a great stop on your Museum Day. After standing and reading for hours, it’s nice to sit and watch a movie.
  • Volcano House is a good Late Night Activity (last show at 21:00), a good replacement if your tour is cancelled, or if the weather is bad (it’s always nice and warm inside). Drop by any time!

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