(This blog also exists in Icelandic – Þetta blogg er líka til á Íslensku.) We at Volcano House have been inviting school groups to visit us recently – If you need more information about this, please read at the bottom of the page.

Recently a group from the 5th and 6th grade of Landakotsskóli came to visit us here at the Volcano House.

The group arrived punctually at 09:00 AM and was divided into Icelandic- and English speakers. The Icelandic speakers sat down to see the 30-minute Documentary Show about Eyjafjallajökull, which erupted in 2010, while the English-speaking group got a tour around the exhibition. Then they switched, and the Icelandic speaking group toured the exhibition, while the English speaking group saw the documentary in English.

Volcano House Skólaheimsókn

Our young scholars heard the story of the Westman Islands’ eruption in 1973 and got to hold lava and cinders from there, they floated pumice from Hekla in water and touched the incredibly fine ash from Eyjafjallajökull’s 2010 eruption.

They got to pick up a rock that’s just over a year old, from the Holuhraun eruption of 2014, and look at all sorts of shiny stones: crystals, opals, spar (or “sunstone”), volcanic glass and obsidian.

From what we could tell the visitors and staff had a grand time, judging by the group hug they gave to Reggie before heading home.

And then they did one better and sent us these super sweet  thank-you letters! We were so touched ?

Thank you so much, teachers and students of Landakotsskóli. We hope you come by to see us again soon!

If you’re interested in organising a school visit to the Volcano House, please email us at info@volcanohouse.is, call us at +354 555 1900 or drop by to visit us at Tryggvagata 11, 101 Reykjavík, for more information regarding prices and availability.