Volcano Cinema ::: Showtimes ::: Open every day!

In English: 10:00 to 21:00 every hour on the hour. 
In German: 18:00 from June 15th to September 15th.
Also available in French and Icelandic versions upon requests. 


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TripAdvisor is delighted to award Volcano House the 2015 Certificate of Excellence. This achievement is a direct result of your consistently great reviews from TripAdvisor travelers.
One show in German every day 18:00

From 15th of June to 15th of September Volcano house has one show in German at hour 18:00. Other show are in English. Volcano House shows two unique films on the most powerful eruptions in Iceland during the last 40 years, Westman island 1973 and Eyjafjallajökull 2010 that film also gives good insight into the general geology and volcanology of Iceland. The show is 53 minutes and starts every hour on the hour. 
Opening time for Easter
Volcano House is open every day of Easter. Documentary film and geological exhibition. First show 10:00 and last show starts at 21:00
"Al­most no magma at erup­tion site"
Until now, flights to see the eruption at Holuhraun have been fully booked with waiting list. But now companies are cancellin flights as the eruption has subsided considerably in recent days and geologists have predicted that it could end very soon companies are cancelling flights. http://www.mbl.is/english/nature_and_travel/2015/02/23/almost_no_magma_at_eruption_site
Prohibited area in the North due to Bárðarbunga
Due to the eruption in Holuhraun North of Iceland Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration have reported Prohibited area. http://en.vedur.is/hydrology/articles/nr/2963
Volcanic activites in Holuhraun could be over
Vol­canic ac­tiv­ity in Holuhraun has de­creased in Feb­ru­ary and could be over in a few weeks or months. Ac­cord­ing to vol­ca­nol­o­gist Mag­nús Tumi Guðmunds­son it is hard to pre­dict ex­actly when it will end.  The erup­tion could end very sud­denly or de­crease steadily. 
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Plan your Iceland trip in detail at our booking office
At Volcano House you can book guided tours to caves, glaciers, volcanoes and mountain hikes all around Iceland. Visit us in Tryggvagata downtown Reykjavik or send us a mail to get more information at info@volcanohouse.is
Volcano House reopens with Icelandic Fish & Chips
The Volcano House has opened up again with the cinema, museum and store being operational from 10:00 to 21:00. Icelandic fish and chips have opened up their amazing restaurant in our building so guests can enjoy a healthy meal or a cup of coffee before or after the cinema show. We look forward seeing you this summer.
Volcano House opens after changes

The Volcano House  opened up again Saturday 19 April. The café has closed for the time being but operation of the cinema, the geology exhibition and the volcano shop has not changed.  Volcano cinema shows in English every hour on the hour from 10:00 to 21:00. 
Myrdalssandur from Air
Mýrdalssandur, a 700 km2 desert southeast of Mýrdalsjökull, created by floods from Katla and changing glacial rivers. The Soil Conservation Service of Iceland has revegetated areas along the road to minimize the effect of drifting sand on road traffic.
A large area on Iceland’s southern coast is taken up with a vast desert-like plain of black volcanic sand.  This, the Mýrdalssandur, is where material from the Mýrdalsjökull glacier has been deposited.  It is also where the water from said glacier flows out to sea.  So, when there is a jökulhaup (a sudden glacial flood), it would be best not to be on the Mýrdalssandur.  
Video on an Earthquake in Alaska
We in the Volcano House are interested in geology and everything that has to do with volcanoes and earthquakes. We found this really informative video (yes, we found it on the internet :-) on the 1964 earthquake in Alaska that tells us a lot about what happens in reality when the earth starts to move:
Earthquakes in Iceland have been unusally slow these last weeks - but as we have said before, you never know what happens next. 

Big Earthquake by the  Blue Lagoon
A strong earthquake, 3,8 on the Richter scale, occurred yesterday close by the Blue Lagoon and the fishing village Grindavík yesterday.  People on the area felt the quake very clearly. Earthquakes are very frequent in Iceland. They are however usually not very strong as the Euroasian and the North American tectonic plates are drifting a apart from each other. More on the Icelandic Met Office website. 
Geology Exhibition
Great samples of rocks, minerals and ashes from all over Iceland. We encourage you to touch the items! Free Admission to our Geology Exhibition.
The Boutique
Take home a piece of Iceland!
In our shop, we feature Icelandic design, artwork, lava rocks, pumice, bottles of ash and lava Jewellery. All conveniently sized for your travel. There you also find books and other items about Icelandic geology.
Opening Hours
Volcano House is open from 10:00 to 21:00 every day of the week. The last showtime every day starts at hour 21:00. Also possibly to book group in advance for German, French and Icelandic show at 09:00 in the morning.  
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